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Tayal Insurance and Investment Advisory Services (TIIAS) is an investment platform of Tayal Insurance and Investments. Brings itself an experience of nearly 41 years. It is a holistic platform for all your investment needs like Mutual Fund, LIC insurance, Health Insurance and all other insurance needs.


From the onset, TIIAS took off in accordance with a long term strategic plan which aims at developing and increasing its capabilities, resources as well as shareholders and clients equities, in addition to diversifying sources of income and activities and the quality of services and products offered.


Your gateway to the world of finance and investment.

Mr. Anil Kumar Tayal

Founder Chairman - TIIAS ( Established. 1979)

Overall 41 years of experience in investment and financial planning.


At TIIAS we help our clients and investors to achieve their objectives using a mix of intellectual and financial capital combined with professional excellence and the highest standards of integrity.


With a clear understanding of investor’s situation and having trusted financial professional ready to answer any questions that come up, we want to be recognized as a leader in the provision of high quality business, and investment services and products


We have a disciplined investment strategy, which is carried out by professionals representing a broad range of nationalities with a wide range of experiences. We adhere to high ethical standards regarding investment in, and management of, portfolio companies.