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health insurance

Health Insurance: A Necessity


With the exponential upsurge in health care costs, it has become important for everyone to look for health insurance plans and be covered under a good health insurance policy. A health insurance policy safeguards you and your family against the risk of a sudden hospitalization and all the related expenses. Health Insurance is a medical coverage that helps you meet your medical expenses by offering financial assistance. It is the only way by which you can escape the financial burden of an uninvited surgery or illness.​


TIIAS understands these concerns and offers excellent benefits with its individual health insurance plans as well as family floater medical insurance plans. In case your policy has expired, you can renew your Health Insurance policy in a matter of minutes. Buy a mediclaim policy for your entire family to keep the risk of a financial tragedy at bay.


Base Health Insurance Plans


A health insurance plan, which pays for your medical expenses related to hospitalization on the basis of medical treatment expenses.

Top–up Health Insurance Plans


If you have multiple health insurance plans like a personal or employee health insurance plan and wish to just get additional sum insured at a low premium then Top up is right for you.

Lump sum benefit based Plans


The medical treatment cost for life threatening diseases is enough to shatter your life long savings. Benefit based plan cover to protect huge medical expenses.

Factors that decide your premium


 Undeniably, age is the most prominent factor that fixes up your premium. It’s highly recommended to buy a health insurance policy while you are young, because premium rises with age.


Pre existing illnesses: 

Any health condition or ailment that you are already suffering before getting a health insurance policy is termed as pre existing illness. If you are a diabetic or suffering from hypertension there is a chance that your premium will raise. Buying health insurance plan early when you are hale and hearty will help you skip high premiums due to pre existing ailments.


Family History: 

This could be a factor that affects your premium calculation, if your family has a diabetes history there are higher chances you too may acquire it at some point of time in life. Due to which insurance premium may be charges high to such individuals.


Members Covered:

Your health insurance premium will be low if you choose to cover yourself as compared to a family floater policy wherein you cover your spouse and kids. Even under family health insurance you can choose to have individual sum insured for every family member or get them all over one sum insured in a floater plan. Sharing the sum insured under one floater plan will incur low premium than getting individual sum insured for all.

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