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Fixed Deposit Scheme:


A Fixed Deposit scheme is a type of investment on which interest is earned on an amount that is paid in lump sum at the beginning of a term. You can redeem the principal and interest at the end of the specified term. 


Recurring Deposit Scheme:


A Recurring Deposit scheme is an investment that requires you to invest a small amount of money each month. The deposit earns interest, and you receive the principal and interest at the end of the term. 

Key Benefits

Higher returns

Enjoy greater payoffs from FDs/ RDs that are entirely safe.


Choose safe option and get return on FDs/RDs as per your preference from a variety of tenures.


Enjoy better liquidity with FDs /RDs scheme with a lower lock-in period eventually by paying a penalty.

Lower risk

Avail the benefit of reduced risks with FDs/RDs schemes which are backed by reputed rating agencies.


Cumulative as well as Non-Cumulative schemes are available for deposits.

In a ‘Non- Cumulative scheme’ the interest is payable on periodic basis. In ‘Cumulative deposit scheme’, the interest is payable at the time of maturity along with the principal.

You can open a fixed deposit for a minimum tenure of 12 months to maximum tenure of 60 months.

Deposits may be made in Joint Names of two/three person under “First or Survivor/s” (F or S) or “Anyone or Survivor” (A or S). All Communications will be addressed to First depositor. All Interest payments and repayment of deposits will be made in the name of First depositor.

The revised rates will apply only to fresh deposits and renewals made on or after the date from which the new rates are applicable.

Yes, the interest earned recurring deposit is taxable.

The minimum tenure for Recurring Deposit (RD) differs. Most of the RD schemes are for a minimum tenure of 6 months or 12 months.

The interest rate for Recurring Deposit differs. The amount of interest that you can earn depends on the amount you have deposited in the RD account, the tenure of the RD and the interest rate offered financial institutions for that tenure.

The minimum amount required for opening a Recurring Deposit account varies for and it can be as low as Rs.10

Anyone can open a Recurring Deposit (RD) account. Some allow people to open a joint RD account and people can also open this account in the name of their minor child.

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